Hola! I’m Maira!

I am the founder, owner and operator of Mar Hosted Trips, and I am so happy to have you here! 



About Me

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, I started scuba diving in 2008 through an internship in Huatulco, Mexico. I immediately fell in love with the biodiversity of the Pacific, and the quiet coastal life of Huatulco – I knew I could never return to the city full time. 

After my internship, I continuing diving and training around Mexico and became a PADI Master Instructor, a Free Diver, and a Cave Diver while working as a full-time scuba instructor in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. 

 In my time in Cancun I met my husband on a dive boat while he was living in Mexico, and we eventually decided to start fresh in his hometown in Texas.
We now live in Dallas with our 3 dogs: Sasha, Bear, and Luna. 

About Mar Hosted Trips

I was inspired to start Mar Hosted Trips by the divers I was meeting in Texas. So many passionate divers had no idea of the amazing and unique diving opportunities my home country has to offer!

In 2018 I started reaching out to my friends and contacts in Mexico, and began putting together unique, dive-centered adventures in my beautiful country. These trips were met with huge success, and Mar Hosted Trips was born. 

But something was missing, I noticed a real lack of female-centered dive experiences. So, in 2020, I started Scuba Mar Maids. This branch of Mar Hosted Trips is all about supporting and encouraging more women to dive, and go on awesome trips with other awesome women!


What Makes Mar Hosted Trips Special?

#1 – The Diving!

I will take you fun places! One of the great things about going on a group trip is that the diving and your activities are planned by an expert with local knowledge. You will dive places and experience things you might never have thought of if you had gone on your own!

#2 – The Travelers!

You might have noticed that you can’t just click a button and book a Mar Hosted Trip. A big part of my success is that I also curate the divers that go on each trip. Some trips are great for beginners, others are great for more experienced divers. I want to make sure everyone is safe and taken care of on my trips, so I make sure to match the groups up well!

You will make lifelong friends on a Mar Hosted Trip! 


#3 – The Trips!

Every trip I put together is carefully curated to allow my travelers to have a full, local, immersive experience in any destination. Every meal, activity, and of course the diving is planned to give travelers a seamless, relaxing experience.  

We are on the trip because we love to dive, but there is more to the trip than being under the surface! On a Mar Hosted Trip you will also experience local food, culture, music, and activities like hiking, surfing, yoga, and whatever else we can find! 

I lead most of the trips, and for the ones I can’t attend I have carefully chosen and trained a group of trip leaders. On a Mar Hosted Trip you also get to draw on the experience of your leaders to further your skills!

#4 – Accessibility

We all know diving is not a cheap hobby! That’s why Mar Hosted Trips offers a variety of dive holidays to meet you where you are. 

From budget-friendly weekend trips to Mexico, to 2 week luxury liveaboards in the Galapagos, I aim to offer something to anyone who wants to dive! 

Ultimately, Mar Hosted Trips trips are about connecting with other like-minded divers, experiencing local culture, and diving unique destinations. While we started out in Mexico, Mar Hosted Trips now leads excursions around the world!

I aim to make you feel comfortable and welcome, why I am passionate about diving, and help you explore the amazing things the world has to offer!

Join our Dive Communities!

There’s more to Mar Hosted Trips than just the journeys! We have Facebook groups for the women’s and co-ed trips. Join us there for some great diving and travelling discussions and tips!

Scuba Mar Maids

Scuba Mar Maids is our women’s dive community! Join us there for meet-ups, female-only dive trips, and ask your gear and diving-related questions to the community!

Scuba Travelers

This is our general dive community page! Join this group to see all Mar Hosted Trips, find dive buddies, and other dive-related fun!

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