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5 Amazing Dive Trips to Mexico You Can Join in 2021 (with a local host)

Most of us stayed home for the last 10 months, and as a result, we could not go on our scuba dive trips.

2021 looks a lot brighter because we better understand the virus that kept us away from our vacations.

For this reason, we can start planning our 2021 dive trips!

In this post, I will talk about 5 dive trips that are worth looking at for an authentic, safe, and affordable diving experience.

In addition, I will mention some of the benefits of traveling with a local host in a group environment.

Mexico has 5,800 miles of coastline between the Pacific coast, the Gulf, and the Caribbean. For this reason, Mexico has the best scuba dive trip destinations near the US.

Thanks to great weather and amazing nature, we can find quality dive sites in most of the Mexican beach towns.

However, tourists tend to fill popular dive destinations, and in the end, these dive sites suffer the consequences of their popularity.

Why is it important to pick different destinations for your dive trips?

We have one ocean to protect and every action we take matters.

Mass tourism deeply affects nature and the beautiful reefs we want to visit could be under a lot of stress.

Therefore, it is important we research different scuba dive destinations so we can reduce the impact of mass tourism.

We can start by selecting responsible dive shops, but more importantly we need to go on unique dive trips.

Choosing different and less familiar places to go diving can help the local communities.

In addition, it will reduce the impact on the popular sites.

It can be so much fun to explore the pristine areas of the coastline on your dive trips.

How to be safe on your scuba dive trips when choosing different destinations

Going solo on your dive trips in Mexico can be intimidating.

The different language, culture and certainly the bad press we hear can affect our decisions.

The best way to be safe when you decide to explore this country is to travel with a local leader.

Hiring a guide is expensive, for this reason, traveling in a group environment is safer and more economical.

That is to say that scuba dive trips with a local leader taking small groups is the perfect way to explore new destinations.

5 Benefits of traveling with a local expert on dive trips

  1. Safety
    It is less stressful to rely on your local leader when you need to go somewhere you are not familiar with.

  2. Connection and Partnership with like-minded divers
    You can make good friends and connect with other divers on these types of trips. When sharing amazing experiences, you make friends for life.

  3. Local expertise
    Your leader knows who to dive with and where to take you. No more reading about which one is the best dive shop or how to get there. Having a local leader that is familiar with the logistics of the dive community at the destination is especially important.

  4. Easy booking
    With just one price you get to dive with the best dive shop in town. Stay at the best accommodation for the trip and enjoy the smooth logistical aspect of having an expert guide.

  5. Sustainability
    When booking your dive trips with a local host, you help bring business to the communities involve. Most of the times, the popular destinations have grand hotels that do not look after the locals. Making different choices for your vacation will have an impact on local communities.

5 dive trips to Mexico you can do in 2021

1. Discover Huatulco

Huatulco is a small city in the Pacific Coast of the state of Oaxaca.

This destination is one of the most internationally recognized communities for their efforts in becoming a sustainable tourism destination.

Huatulco is a Protected Natural Area since 1998, and since 2003, it started the protection of its Wetlands, Corals and Coastal Zone.

Huatulco received a Green Globe certification and UNESCO designated the area as Reserve Biosphere Huatulco.

The continuing effort by the community has made Huatulco one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mexico.

8 Huatulco dive trips

This dive trip will take you to see the outstanding underwater life that awaits in Huatulco.

You will also take a hiking trip into the Protected Natural Areas with a local guide.

If you love nature and you feel like a dive vacation can also be a way to explore the land. This is the trip for you.

The itinerary has a Kayak Sunset tour in one of the 9 bays of Huatulco.

And a day trip to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico—Mazunte.

Oaxaca has extraordinary cuisine.

Exploring different restaurants in the small village of Santa Maria Huatulco is part of the many activities you will experience.

While enjoying the last dinner of the trip, you will learn about Mezcal, an ancient Mexican liquor made only in Oaxaca.

This trip has everything. From Scuba Diving in Huatulco to a culinary experience in Oaxaca.

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2. Explore Mahahual

Mahahual, also known as Costa Maya, is located on the southeastern coast of Mexico. It is a small, quiet village with a charming beach vibe.

This dive trip will take you to explore the incredible Banco Chinchorro Atoll.

Banco Chinchorro is an atoll that stands 18 miles from the coast of Mahahual.

To get to this wonderful destination you need a 4-hour drive from the Cancun airport. This distance makes Mahahual a hidden gem for most tourists.

10 Mahahual a hidden gem

Mahahual is currently working on becoming a more sustainable destination.

On the main street you can see the efforts by the community to conserve the beauty of the village.

Banco Chinchorro atoll is the most outstanding marine site in the region. Because of its isolation, it is a well-preserved natural ecosystem.

During this dive trip you will get to explore some of the untouched reefs of Banco Chinchorro.

Most dive shops will not take you to the outskirts of the atoll. But in this trip, you will experience diving unique and recently explored dive sites.

A few more things to consider:

-The food is amazing! You will have fresh ceviche on the boat when diving Chinchorro and an amazing breakfast included in the price.

-The charming boutique hotel selected for this trip is next to the dive shop. The staff is extremely friendly, and the location is just a few steps from the beach.

Dive Trips Chinchorro

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3. Cabo Pulmo Expedition

Cabo Pulmo is one of the most successful National Marine parks in the world.

As a result, it offers one of the best diving and snorkeling experiences in Baja.

Located on the east coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Cabo Pulmo is home to the only Pacific coral reef in the Sea of Cortez.

The amazing community of Cabo Pulmo started to protect their land by promoting sustainable fishing practices many years ago.

The results of their efforts brought an outstanding 465% in growth of Cabo Pulmo’s biomass in less than 20 years.

This means that this region is one of the most pristine natural destinations in all of Mexico.

During this scuba diving trip, you will certainly witness amazing underwater life.

You will dive with sharks and sea lions.

Cabo Pulmo is one of the best places in Mexico to dive with Bull Sharks.

dive with Bull Sharks trips

The simplicity of Cabo Pulmo offers an escape from our busy lives.

During this eco-friendly trip you will experience amazing hiking tours and great food made by the locals.

The accommodations are far from luxury, you will be staying in Eco Cabanas made by the community.

This destination is focused on nature, conservation, and simplicity.

eco cabanas dive trips

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4. Liveaboard Diving. The Sea of Cortez

 Dive The sea of cortez trips

The best way to enjoy the amazing marine life of the Sea of Cortez is by jumping on a liveaboard.

Liveaboard diving is an experience by itself.

You can go to remote dive sites and explore parts of the ocean that are not so easily accessible.

Another reason to have this experience is the camaraderie you build when sharing with like-minded divers.

The Sea of Cortez is the best place at an affordable rate to encounter big marine life.

On this Liveaboard you will get to see whale sharks, sea lions, mantas and mobula rays, dolphins, and huge schools of fish.

This dive trip starts in La Paz, Baja California. You will board the boat at the Marina, after that, you will sail during the night.

You will spend 4 diving days with a total of 14 dives and a Whale Shark snorkeling expedition.

The amazing Sea of Cortez offers a unique and protected environment for migrating whales and vast schools of hammerhead sharks. It is one of the most fertile seas in the world.

The best way to get a feeling of this marine life is by traveling to the Islands off the coast of La Paz.

Get ready to embark on a marine adventure at The Sea of Cortez. You will love this tailor-made trip.

The best way to get a feeling of this unprecedented marine life is by traveling to some of the Islands off the coast of La Paz and explore the underwater surprises of the Gulf of California.

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5. Cancún Deep Caribbean

Most divers turn away from Cancun because of its mass tourism industry.

However, what most Caribbean lovers do not know is that this destination has some hidden treasures in its deep waters.

A group of professional divers and photographers decided to start exploring beyond the regular dive sites.

They discovered some treasures not offered to the public.

This trip, made for Advanced Divers, will take you to those hidden spots.

We want to challenge your skills exploring new sites. You will love the deep shipwrecks full of undisturbed marine life off the coast of Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

Liz Phylomeno will be part of the staff. She is an experienced photographer who will offer an UW photography workshop during the trip.

She will make sure you take home some awesome shots of the surreal underwater landscapes.

You will practice with your own camera and she will share her work with the group.

dive trips cenotes

The workshop supports local artists. These actions can have a huge, positive impact on the community.

If you love deep dives, wrecks, night dives and cenote diving, you cannot miss this unique opportunity. You will not find a trip like this one anywhere else.

cenote diving

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